Kum-Ba-Yaha community-wide circle of friendship


Dear Friends,

We know 2011 is going to be one of our most successful seasons. New programs about gardening, earth education, fishing, youth yoga and healthy nutritional activities will be added to our already proven successful camp programs.

On June 20 our summer staff will be energized and excited to begin the first session of our sixty-first year. There is nothing quite like the first day of camp! In fact, there is nothing quite like any day at Camp Kum-Ba-Yah. For seven weeks, we devote all of our energy, talents, care, and skills to provide positive, happy memorable experiences that can make a difference in the lives of children. Our campers form lasting friendships with each other and with their counselors. They experience sharing at a special level, learn about the wonders of natural surroundings, how to care for the environment, and share the chores of cooking lunch over a campfire every day. At the heart of the Kum-Ba-Yah experience is the importance of respect for oneself and for others; a sense of fellowship that can transcend throughout their lives.

Your Send a Kid to Camp donation enables us to provide scholarship assistance to over 50% of our campers who could otherwise not afford to attend camp. Your giving allows us never to turn a child away who wants to experience Kum-Ba-Yah. All children are welcome here without regard to racial, cultural, religious, or economic background.

Because of today's economic challenges your financial gift has never been more needed plus with the epidemic of childhood obesity, lack of active lives, and excessive reliance on passive electronic games, the need for outdoor camp experiences has never been more relevant.

Once again, we ask for your help by sending your donation to our annual Send a Kid to Camp fund raising effort. If you would like your donation to benefit a particular child or group of children, please send us that information along with your return envelope. Also, we are now accepting donations on our webpage so please visit us at: www.campkumbayah.com. Thank you for your part in our world wide Circle of Friendship that always appreciates the specialness of difference in everyone.

Very truly yours,

Patrick Haley
Camp Director